Home Care is Booming:  A Recession Proof Industry

The need for healthcare services will continue to rise at an astonishing rate because the world's older population continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. The number of Americans ages 65 and older is projected to nearly double from 52 million in 2018 to 95 million by 2060, and the 65-and-older age group’s share of the total population will rise from 16 percent to 23 percent.

In many ways, 2018 was a coming of age for the home care industry, as it steadily became recognized as a key part of the overall continuum of care due to its ability to keep older adults safely at home and out of the hospital.  To add momentum to the industry, the “aging-in-place” movement is upon us, and it is huge.   According to AARP, 90%+ seniors want to “Age in Place”.  Seniors want to stay in their home for the duration of care which requires more home care agency services to be available to support the growth of the older population.

The World's Only Home Health
Franchise Opportunity
with 8 Turn-Key Business Models

Companion Care Business

As a Companion Care agency, you will  be able to do all of the ‘Hands-Off’ services required that keep clients independent and in their homes. Your non-medical caregivers will do things like chores, medicine reminders, light housework and meal preparations.

Medicare Skilled Home Health Care Business

Paid by Medicare, your skilled office is allowed to send nurses into the home to do approved services ordered by the clients physician. These services include physical, occupational and speech therapy along with medical social worker services.

Personal Care Business

As a Personal Care agency, you will  be able to do ‘Hands-On’ Services. Services like dressing, feeding, mobility and attendance at physician and hospital visits. You give your clients a sense of independence and the ability to stay in their own homes.

Hospice Business

Hospice Business

When you run this type of business you deal one on one with family and clients that are going through end of life care. Your office will improve the quality of life for clients and family dealing with progressive, advanced and terminal illnesses.

Private Duty Skilled Home Health Business

Very similar to Medicare Skilled Care where you send in nurses to do approved services like Infusion Therapy, Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy, etc.  The client pays you directly for the services you provide.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

When you provide these services you are transporting clients from one place to another on occasional or a regular basis. Often your Seniors are unable or uncomfortable driving themselves to doctors and dentist offices, grocery stores or events.

Medical Staffing

In this model your office will assist a wide range of healthcare professionals with a wide range of positions in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. This might be for a short term solution or available full-time positions.


When you run this end of the business you offer equipment that assists your clients with their daily activities. You will offer a wide variety of options such as wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, walkers, beds, canes and much more.

Also included for our Franchise Partners are the following ongoing support services.

Ongoing Coaching and Business Support

You will be assigned a personal motivational business coach who will help you stay focused on business operations, patient care, marketing and agency growth opportunities. You will never feel alone with our ongoing coaching and business support, weekly phone calls and our mastermind support process is the best in the industry.

Home Health Care Licensing Requirements

We complete all licensing requirements for all business models as needed throughout your franchise agreement. Starting with securing your Tax ID and NPI number, corporate documents, state licensing applications, etc. Our licensing team will prepare you for your state licensing inspections and ensure that your approval process is successful.

Home Health Care Policies, Procedures and Operational Materials

Our franchise partners will receive customized policy and procedure manuals for all business models. Our registered nursing clinicians write these policies to meet all state licensing standards, federal and accreditation organization regulations. Updates to these policies are provided on an on-going basis.

Provider Enrollment Services

At Home Care for the 21st Century, our goal is to establish and maintain a well-balanced stream of revenue from all resources (whether public or private). All applicable franchise models will have provider enrollment services for the following:

  • Medicaid
  • State Funded Medicaid Waiver Programs
  • Long and Short Term Insurance
  • Workman's Compensation
  • Veterans Insurance Programs.

Medicare and Private Duty Accreditation

We provide Private Duty and Medicare Accreditation opportunities for our franchise partners. Accreditation is regarded as one of the key benchmarks for measuring the quality of an organization. Differentiating your home health care business from other healthcare providers in your area will provide a competitive edge with the services you provide thus providing additional patient referral resources. We employ experts in the area of Private Duty and Medicare certification / accreditation. Our clinicians are certified (ACHC) Accreditation Commission for Health Care and (CHAP) Community Health Accreditation Partners consultants.

Our Training and Coaching Advantages

One of the benefits of our home care franchise opportunity is that while you may be working for yourself, you are never in business by yourself. Your personal business coach along with our team of industry experts will be at your call, providing you with the business support and guidance to run a successful business. We offer extensive training to make sure you are prepared to open your business, and we are here for you throughout to make sure you feel supported. Knowledge is your key to success. We provide monthly training workshops for all models. You will attend a 10-day off-site comprehensive pre-opening, start-up training program which offers combine classroom experiences with individualized coaching through your opening and beyond. Plus, we provide thousands of hours of educational resources. Our team of management, marketing, training, and other professionals work closely with you to develop a plan for success, offering an experienced perspective on your business and insights into your market.

Client Marketing and Referral Programs

At 21st Century we help our franchisee partners get clients. Our comprehensive marketing plans includes local and national advertising campaigns, commercials via television and radio, internet advertising, social media, public relations, and direct mail. At the corporate level we advertise nationally. Depending on the area and size of your agency, we estimate that you can get anywhere from 50-200 leads per month to help grow your business.

Quality Assessment Performance Improvement Program (QAPI)

Our Franchisee will take part in our ongoing performance and improvement program. You will be assigned a clinical coach who will perform onsite operational audits at your agency. Your clinical coach will develop specific performance improvement plans, share their knowledge of changes in regulations and legislation, policy and procedure updates and provide support throughout all phases of the QAPI program.

Robust Technology Platform

We offer the Home Health Care Industries comprehensive and robust technology platform. Our Franchisees will possess a key advantage in scheduling, telephony, billing, payroll, and much more.

About us

Home Care for the 21st Century has over
50 Health Care Professionals on staff to Support Our Franchisees

Home Care for the 21st Century is a franchise offering that has been a part of our vision since we formed Twenty First Century Healthcare Consultants in 1996. Over the years, Twenty First Century Healthcare Consultants has helped established over 3000 independent home care agencies throughout the country. As the senior population grows and the healthcare industry continues to evolve, demand for in-home care is at its highest. At Home Care for the 21st Century, we recognize this demand creates a real opportunity for franchisees. With the availability of numerous product offerings, Home Care for the 21st Century is dedicated to giving our franchisees unlimited growth opportunities and support services for what we believe to be the best value in the market for the length of the franchise.


Small Beginnings – Rosina McFadden Twenty First Century Healthcare Consultants was originally formed in June 1996 by Rosina McFadden, RN, BSN, MS. Her experience is extensive and she is known in the in the health care industry as a home health care pioneer amongst her peers. In the early 1970's , Mrs. McFadden introduced a new concept for caring for patients in their homes called "Nursing Home without Walls". Today’s home care model consists of many In-Homecare concepts that where introduced through this innovative and ahead of its time model. Throughout the years Ms. McFadden has had many outstanding accomplishments. When asked, she will tell you that her greatest and most rewarding accomplishment is being able to assist over 3000 clients with opening and operating successful home health care businesses.

Why Us?

  • “We do it with you”… rather than just suggest and advise.  From setting up all your business entities, completing all your licensing applications, proper preparation for successful accreditations, continuous nurse on call support and ongoing quality improvement performance programs.
  • A true partnership of healthcare professionals dedicated to assisting you in achieving your financial goals.
  • We succeed only when you do. Knowledge is power and we provide thousands of hours of educational resources through our home care university.

Our Mission

Forming the Foundation of Success With the aging of America we realize the high demand for in home services will increase exponentially. As a result, we have built a company based on honesty, integrity and transparency to assist franchisees in delivering superior services and products into their communities. Home Care for the 21st Century is dedicated to building strong relationships that provide reliable, result orientated health care solutions that produce outstanding results for our franchise partners.

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