Why Purchase a Home Care Franchise - Franchising Opportunity

Why Purchase a Home Care Franchise?

Dreaming of owning your own home care business? One of the best ways to do this is through a home care franchising option. Home care franchises offer all the bonuses of owning your own business, but with a lower risk level. A home care franchise is for more likely to exist for the longer term than going it alone. Statistics show that home care franchises have a much better chance of success than independently operated agencies. Home care franchises also have proven management and work practices to guide you.

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When you buy a home care franchise, you are not only buying a model that has proven success, but you are also buying into the people behind the franchise. The people that know what you do not know. The people that know what you need to know and will provide you with the knowledge and training that you need to be successful. You do not necessarily need business experience to run a home care franchise. Nor do you need a clinical background. The right franchisor will assist you in putting the right people, in the right seat, that you can trust to run your clinical operations. The right franchisor will provide the training you need to operate the business model and the clinical support necessary to ensure clinical compliance. All you need is the passion to be the provider of choice for families, and your care givers.

While not all home care franchises offer the same level of ongoing support and assistance throughout the lifetime of the franchise agreement, there are those that do. Some are only start-up operations, and everything after that is up to you. You need to do your homework. Ask to speak with existing franchisees. Be sure to attend a discovery day as a part of your decision-making process. A discovery day is a very important part to any home care franchise opportunity, even if you attend 3 or more. Discovery days are non-committal. It is the only way to get a true feel for the franchisor and the opportunity to meet face to face before making your decision.

Having a national home care service brand also has its advantages. Name recognition is a huge advantage to your home care business. Your franchisor will have branded home care marketing and media available to you. You may have a small marketing fee, but you need to consider that it would be focused on you locally, and the brand from a national standpoint.

Marketing is the key to success in any market. Your franchisor knows how to come to market, how to pinpoint your differentiators from the competition, and how to overcome obstacles that will surely come to play as you grow your business.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that home care franchise (royalty) fees will undermine their financial success.

The truth is, that this is totally the opposite. Many home care franchisors do not make money until you do. The right home care franchisor will be completely focused on your financial success, your clinical compliance, ongoing training, support, and truly act like they are your partner, not just the franchisor. That is the secret sauce. Who is going to truly support you? Who is the best fit for me?

You may also find it easier to secure financial backing for a home care franchise. Home care is recession proof and is only increasing in need as our aging population grows to new heights, and the overall consensus is to age at home. The financial relationship with an approved SBA home care franchise will provide you with the needed business plan to obtain additional funding, if needed.

A home care franchise can be immensely profitable and tend to have high returns on the initial investment. When you consider diversifying your home care business model, you can recognize even higher returns. When you are considering a home care franchise, you should also investigate the home care franchise opportunities that will offer the opportunity to diversify. Not all will.

Do you want to be capped on your ROI? Do you want to be trapped in a single model agency with no further opportunities? Something to consider…

Why wouldn’t YOU buy a home care franchise? You would be buying into a business that you can be passionate about, secure your financial future, have all the support that will guide you to success, and have the potential to expand on your services and revenue streams if you choose the right home care franchise!

Home Care for the 21st Century Franchise

Home Care for the 21st Century Franchise offers all that was suggested above and a true life long partnership agreement Homecare for the 21st Century Franchising company is Revolutionizing the Home Healthcare Industry, With the availability of numerous product offerings.

Home Care for the 21st Century is dedicated to giving our franchisees unlimited growth opportunities and support services for what we believe to be the best value in the market.

All applicable business models will have provider enrollment services for the following:

  1. Medicare
  2. Medicaid
  3. Medicaid Waivers
  4. Long and Short-Term Insurance
  5. Workman's Compensation
  6. Veteran Insurance Programs

Home Care for the 21st Century Franchise offers all that was suggested above and a true life long partnership agreement.

Ongoing Coaching and Business Support (FOR ALL BUSINESS MODELS)

You will be assigned a personal motivational business coach, Licensing Coach and clinical coach who will help you stay focused on business operations, patient care, marketing and agency growth opportunities.

You will never feel alone with our ongoing coaching and business support, weekly phone calls and our mastermind support process is the best in the industry.

Clinical expertise

When it comes to patient care and documentation – rest assured, you will have peace of mind. Your business is backed by the clinical expertise of 8 registered nurses. All of our registered nurses are certified with Accreditation Commission for Health Care and Community Health Accreditation Partners. Best part is they’re available when you need them and only a phone call away.

Home Health Care Licensing Requirements (FOR ALL BUSINESS MODELS)

We complete all licensing requirements for all business models as needed throughout your franchise agreement. Starting with securing your Tax ID and NPI number, corporate documents, state licensing applications, etc. Our licensing team will prepare you for your state licensing inspections and ensure that your approval process is successful.

Home Health Care Policies, Procedures and Operational Materials (FOR ALL BUSINESS MODELS)

Our franchise partners will receive customized policy and procedure manuals for all business models. Our registered nursing clinicians write these policies to meet all state licensing standards, federal and accreditation organization regulations. Updates to these policies are provided on an on-going basis.

Medicare and Private Duty Accreditation (FOR ALL BUSINESS MODELS)

We provide Private Duty and Medicare Accreditation opportunities for our franchise partners. Accreditation is regarded as one of the key benchmarks for measuring the quality of an organization.

Differentiating your home health care business from other healthcare providers in your area will provide a competitive edge with the services you provide thus providing additional patient referral resources.

We employ experts in the area of Private Duty and Medicare certification & accreditation. Our team of registered nursing clinicians are certified (ACHC) Accreditation Commission for Health Care and (CHAP) Community Health Accreditation Partners consultants.

Quality Assessment Performance Improvement Program (QAPI) (FOR ALL BUSINESS MODELS)

Our Franchisee will take part in our ongoing performance and improvement program. You will be assigned a clinical coach who will perform onsite operational audits at your agency. Your clinical coach will develop specific performance improvement plans, share their knowledge of changes in regulations and legislation, policy and procedure updates and provide support throughout all phases of the QAPI program.

Continuous Training and Robust Technology Platform (FOR ALL BUSINESS MODELS)

Knowledge is your key to success. Monthly training programs for all models. 10-day off-site orientation, startup and strategic marketing training at our corporate training facility. Plus, thousands of hours of educational resources. We offer our franchise partners the Home Health Care Industries comprehensive and robust technology platform. Our Franchisees will possess a key advantage in scheduling, telephony, billing, payroll, and much more.

Digital Marketing – Website- Caregiver tracking software

Marketing can be an area that’s overlooked when planning to operate a home health care business. However, effective marketing is essential when growing your business and spreading the word. Homecare for the 21st Century provides a fully customized website, complete with search engine optimization (SEO), tailored specifically for your home health care business. The goal of your SEO website is to have your business achieve first page presence on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It’s no secret that a strong internet presence is vital for a successful business, and we give you the tools you need to succeed online.

Proprietary Pricing (FOR ALL BUSINESS MODELS)

As the industry leader in home health care consulting, we’re able to share our proprietary pricing with our clients.

This special pricing can save you thousands of dollars!*

These discounts are provided exclusively to Home Care for the 21st Century Franchise clients only.

“We do it with you” ( FOR ALL BUSINESS MODELS )

WHY US? “We do it with you” rather than just suggest and advise. From setting up all your business entities, completing all your licensing applications for all business models, proper preparation for successful accreditations, continuous nurse on call support and ongoing quality improvement performance programs. A true partnership of healthcare profession

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