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Are Home Care Franchises Profitable in Massachusetts?

If you are new to the home care industry and are wondering if the franchise opportunities in Massachusetts are available and profitable, the short answer is yes! Home care and home health care in Massachusetts is in high demand due to aging Baby Boomers preferring to stay in their homes as they get older or “age in place”. Home health care franchisees are among the highest in terms of profitability according to Franchise Business Review’s (FBR) survey of over 1,700 senior care franchisees representing 18 brands. The research finds home health care franchisees are second in profitability only behind real estate-based franchises. It is not uncommon that among the top senior care franchises to build gross annual revenues to a million dollars or more. The business models offered by Home Care for the 21st Century takes this concept a step further.

Here is an example of the revenue goals Home Care for the 21st Century sets for its franchisees:

When you become a franchisee in Massachusetts, you will have the ability to tap into not only one profitable revenue stream, which is common among most franchisors, but seven profitable revenue streams. This dramatically changes the trajectory of our franchisees ability to drive revenue by having the ability to offer more than just one service. Home Care for the 21st Century’s business model allows the franchisee to grow and progress with their patients as they will eventually need further services and care. Clients don’t want to hire several different agencies to accommodate their future needs and certainly don’t feel comfortable with a slew of different caregivers coming and going.

As with any business, much of the success is derived from the people operating it and profitability in a home care franchise is largely determined by the effort and high-quality services provided to the patient. Franchise owners understand this and work diligently to achieve the success expected of them by the franchisor. The franchisor plays a pivotal role in the success of a given franchise by offering their knowledge, guidance, and continued support. Home Care for the 21st Century will walk you through the demanding process of not only launching your franchise, but also making it succeed. Our team of professionals will become your partner and your network as we work together to make your success a reality.

The seven revenue streams mentioned earlier offered to our franchisees accelerates their success and profitability. These include Companion Care, Personal Care, Skilled Care Medicare or Private Duty, Hospice Care, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Staffing.

Each business model allows for the continued care of any patient throughout their life as well as a continued revenue stream for the franchisee.

Companion Care

Companion care is primarily emotional support and companionship for seniors who are generally healthy and who want to remain independent at home.

Personal Care

Typically provided by a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) or Personal Care Assistant (PCA), this type of care includes help with everyday basic tasks such as mobility, bathing, feeding, grooming and toileting.

Skilled Care Medicare or Private Duty

Home health care includes a wide range of health and social services delivered in your home to treat illness or injury.

Hospice Care

Hospice is a program of end-of-life pain management and comfort care for those with a terminal illness. Most hospice benefits offer end-of-life palliative treatment, including support for your physical, emotional, and other needs.

Non Emergency Medical Transportation

This side of the business concentrates on those unable or uncomfortable driving themselves. This includes doctor and hospital appointments and also could be pharmacy, dentist, groceries or just getting them to a meeting, club or event.

Durable Medical Equipment

Durable medical equipment (DME) is equipment that helps you complete your daily activities. It includes a variety of items, such as walkers, wheelchairs, and oxygen tanks.

Medical Staffing

In this model your office will assist a wide range of healthcare professionals with a wide range of positions in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Home Care for the 21st Century Franchise

Home Care for the 21st Century Franchise offers all that was suggested above and a true life long partnership agreement Homecare for the 21st Century Franchising company is Revolutionizing the Home Healthcare Industry, With the availability of numerous product offerings.

Home Care for the 21st Century is dedicated to giving our franchisees unlimited growth opportunities and support services for what we believe to be the best value in the market.

All applicable business models will have provider enrollment services for the following:

  1. Medicare
  2. Medicaid
  3. Medicaid Waivers
  4. Long and Short-Term Insurance
  5. Workman's Compensation
  6. Veteran Insurance Programs

Home Care for the 21st Century Franchise offers all that was suggested above and a true life long partnership agreement.

Ongoing Coaching and Business Support (FOR ALL BUSINESS MODELS)

You will be assigned a personal motivational business coach, Licensing Coach and clinical coach who will help you stay focused on business operations, patient care, marketing and agency growth opportunities.

You will never feel alone with our ongoing coaching and business support, weekly phone calls and our mastermind support process is the best in the industry.

Clinical expertise

When it comes to patient care and documentation – rest assured, you will have peace of mind. Your business is backed by the clinical expertise of 8 registered nurses. All of our registered nurses are certified with Accreditation Commission for Health Care and Community Health Accreditation Partners. Best part is they’re available when you need them and only a phone call away.

Home Health Care Licensing Requirements (FOR ALL BUSINESS MODELS)

We complete all licensing requirements for all business models as needed throughout your franchise agreement. Starting with securing your Tax ID and NPI number, corporate documents, state licensing applications, etc. Our licensing team will prepare you for your state licensing inspections and ensure that your approval process is successful.

Home Health Care Policies, Procedures and Operational Materials (FOR ALL BUSINESS MODELS)

Our franchise partners will receive customized policy and procedure manuals for all business models. Our registered nursing clinicians write these policies to meet all state licensing standards, federal and accreditation organization regulations. Updates to these policies are provided on an on-going basis.

Medicare and Private Duty Accreditation (FOR ALL BUSINESS MODELS)

We provide Private Duty and Medicare Accreditation opportunities for our franchise partners. Accreditation is regarded as one of the key benchmarks for measuring the quality of an organization.

Differentiating your home health care business from other healthcare providers in your area will provide a competitive edge with the services you provide thus providing additional patient referral resources.

We employ experts in the area of Private Duty and Medicare certification & accreditation. Our team of registered nursing clinicians are certified (ACHC) Accreditation Commission for Health Care and (CHAP) Community Health Accreditation Partners consultants.

Quality Assessment Performance Improvement Program (QAPI) (FOR ALL BUSINESS MODELS)

Our Franchisee will take part in our ongoing performance and improvement program. You will be assigned a clinical coach who will perform onsite operational audits at your agency. Your clinical coach will develop specific performance improvement plans, share their knowledge of changes in regulations and legislation, policy and procedure updates and provide support throughout all phases of the QAPI program.

Continuous Training and Robust Technology Platform (FOR ALL BUSINESS MODELS)

Knowledge is your key to success. Monthly training programs for all models. 10-day off-site orientation, startup and strategic marketing training at our corporate training facility. Plus, thousands of hours of educational resources. We offer our franchise partners the Home Health Care Industries comprehensive and robust technology platform. Our Franchisees will possess a key advantage in scheduling, telephony, billing, payroll, and much more.

Digital Marketing – Website- Caregiver tracking software

Marketing can be an area that’s overlooked when planning to operate a home health care business. However, effective marketing is essential when growing your business and spreading the word. Homecare for the 21st Century provides a fully customized website, complete with search engine optimization (SEO), tailored specifically for your home health care business. The goal of your SEO website is to have your business achieve first page presence on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It’s no secret that a strong internet presence is vital for a successful business, and we give you the tools you need to succeed online.

Proprietary Pricing (FOR ALL BUSINESS MODELS)

As the industry leader in home health care consulting, we’re able to share our proprietary pricing with our clients.

This special pricing can save you thousands of dollars!*

These discounts are provided exclusively to Home Care for the 21st Century Franchise clients only.

“We do it with you” ( FOR ALL BUSINESS MODELS )

WHY US? “We do it with you” rather than just suggest and advise. From setting up all your business entities, completing all your licensing applications for all business models, proper preparation for successful accreditations, continuous nurse on call support and ongoing quality improvement performance programs. A true partnership of healthcare profession

Call us for a no obligation consultation. We will answer all your questions and get you the information you need to make a smart decision.



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