At the beginning of the 21st century - Home Care for the 21st Century Franchise
In an industry plagued by siloed care, Home Care for the 21st Century
February 19, 2021

At the beginning of the 21st century, health systems eagerly invested in the valuable patient-centered innovations developed between 1990 and 2010. The ROI was obvious, when patients connected online, they paid bills faster, no-shows declined, and adherence to treatment plans improved.

This patient-centered innovation appeared to be gaining speed until it was quickly derailed by Meaningful Use. Despite its well-intentioned focus, increasing tech adoption within hospitals and physician offices, because payments/penalties were only linked to “certified” technology, innovative roadmaps were replaced with “check-box” mandates. With record levels of provider burnout and reduced reimbursement tied to lower productivity, the cost of the increased adoption was high.

Covid-19 is recognized as the primary catalyst responsible for accelerating a major digital transformation, previously simmering below the surface. Hampered with a new batch of ONC-mandated certification standards, antiquated architecture requiring large budgets, EHR vendors are mostly absent from this tech disruption. Nimble start-ups are rapidly partnering with innovation-minded providers (early adopters) who recognize the value a “digitally engaged” patient represents to their bottom line and competitive differentiation.

After earning an unparalleled reputation for excellence and quality within the home care and home health marketplace over the last 25 years, 21st Century Health Care Consultants launched the Home Care for the 21st Century franchise. Leading this franchise, is Lori McCauley, who has built her own reputation as a fierce patient champion committed to quality, process excellence and innovation. Considering the fundamental changes confronting healthcare providers, Lori’s extensive experience will be called upon to navigate the turbulent waters ahead.

A collision of the Silver Tsunami (Aging Boomers), Covid-19, and increasingly complex reimbursement requirements has contributed to an increasingly competitive Home Care market with greater barriers to entry. To equip her franchise owners with competitive advantages within each of their unique markets, Lori recognized that the traditional technology options were too cumbersome and expensive to adapt to the looming changes.

Lori has worked closely with a new generation of technology innovators perfectly aligned with the new challenges created by these macro trends. One such partner, was selected to ensure Lori’s franchise is positioned as the undisputed leader in patient experience ratings. In addition to being affordable and easy-to-use, NurseCare’s SentinelTM platform equips each franchise with essential real-time patient insights.

By equipping franchise owners with innovations like NurseCare’s digital health platform, Home Care for the 21st Century can quickly adapt to each market to ensure leadership in the critical “Patient Choice” category. In fact, patient experience ratings are increasingly responsible for reimbursement levels, referral volume and payor selection. In such a competitive and turbulent market, Home Care for the 21st Century’s franchise will achieve success blending best practices, stress-tested over 25-years, with an intelligent shedding of outdated strategies that no longer meet the needs of a digitally connected patient experience.

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