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At our Strategic Marketing trainings you and your staff will learn everything you need to know to develop your local strategic marketing plan, your budget and how to attract customers. Home Care for the 21st Century has an in-house marketing agency with direct local and national buying power of digital ads and video space. Our technologies allows us to target an audience by any demographic, behavior, keyword searches and intender type. We don't go through an advertising agency...we are the agency, Keeping all marketing campaigns and creatives, in-house means faster setup and execution of your campaigns, offering you a streamlined marketing support experience.

To begin planning your local marketing strategy, we teach you how to understand the customer journey and all the steps of the sales funnel to effectively plan strategies in each stage of the customer journey. We don't just teach you all the marketing tactics, we focus on creating a meaningful connection through the use of marketing and communication. Read below as we explain how we offer you world class marketing support not found in other home care franchises.

Website Development

Your website is the centerpiece of your marketing strategy. All marketing techniques, whether it be traditional or digital, will all lead back to people visiting your website to connect with you. We will create a beautiful and professional website with beautiful imagery tailored to your local area. Your website will be mobile responsive, offers easy navigation, fast loading times, and properly optimized for your location.

Google Adwords and Gmail Setup

Our marketing team will create a Google Gmail account specifically for your business so we can help you get found locally. We'll help you setup your Google My Business account as well as help you setup your Google Ads accounts so your ads can show when people are searching for you online. We provide an overview training of your Google Ads account, set up your initial campaign and also have a list of keywords that will be effective in your local area.

An Example of One of Our Beautiful 30 Second Commercials

Streaming Television Ads

Streaming television has been on the rise and more people are cutting ties to traditional cable and satellite subscriptions. We've identified that streaming television will be the future of how people watch TV. We will support you through running commercials on streaming apps within streaming devices such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, Chrome Cast and Smart TVs such as Samsung and LG. We support you by providing beautiful commercials with your local information in the video so people can connect with you. We will also supply you with broadcast-ready video files just in case you would like to work with your local broadcasting station.

These are 15 and 30 second commercials that will run on but not limited to these networks:

Traditional Print Marketing Materials

Although digital advertising has come a long way, there is no substitution for great marketing print materials. We'll provide you with the digital files for printing business cards, brochures, flyers, and also work with you on custom projects like retractable banners for trade shows.

Marketing in a Box

A minimum of each quarter, we will provide you with a unique marketing concept/tools to present to your referral sources. Everything you need packaged up neatly in a box.

Car Wraps

We know how important it is to make a statement on the road. This is why we support you by providing a car wrap design file specifically for the model of your car. We will help you find a highly rated installer and provide you with the files they need.

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